domingo, 30 de agosto de 2015

Small food brands, big successes

Lindsey Rosenberg founded Cherryvale Farms, which makes mixes for foods like banana bread and brownies, in 2010, after her parents came home from a trip with a mix they had picked up that required the addition of just one ingredient. Credi.
Everyone knows someone who has dreamed of starting a food business. That next-door neighbor who thinks his chocolate chip cookies are better than Tate’s Bake Shop’s. The niece whose friends beg for her homemade hot sauce and who wonders how it would stack up against Trappey’s or Texas Pete.

It used to be that those dreams pretty much stayed dreams. Successful Mrs. Fieldses were few and far between. But a combination of factors — playing against the backdrop of a growing food obsession and concerns that time-honored food brands can be high in sugar, salt and fat — have changed all that.

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